Here is a new guide, in which we decided to propose the realization of a totally DIY work . Specifically, we will try to better understand how to paint ceramic lamps . 
It happens to everyone to have some old ceramic lamps aside, perhaps in the cellar, which are no longer used. Thanks to this article, we will see how to make them reborn to new life and make them completely special and original.  


  • brushes
  • fine sandpaper
  • primer
  • transparent acrylic paint
  • water

The first thing you need to know and remember is that the choice of paint to be used is very important, because the success of the whole will depend on it. We need to choose the paint, based on the final result, which we decided to obtain. For example, if we wanted to obtain shiny lamps, but which will not be widely used, we will have to use transparent acrylic varnish. If, on the other hand, we want to have lamps with drawings and which can be used for a long time, then we will have to opt for paints either in pen or hot.

Having said that, we must also provide brushes and pens, through which we will go to make all the designs we want. We take our lamps and wash them well, under running water, in such a way as to eliminate all residues of dust or other, which would not allow the paint to adhere. Once they are cleaned, we can dry them properly. We take a sandpaper, with a thin mesh and start to polish the surface of the lamp, so that it can be smooth and free from any old residue.

The time has come to put all our creativity into practice. We take the primer and pass a hand on the lamp. This will allow us to better adhere the paint to the ceramic. Let it dry for at least 5-6 hours. After this we can begin to paint flowers or butterflies, with the help of a thin-tipped brush. Dip it into the paint and place it on our ceramic lamp. We draw everything we want, so that we can create a design that is truly original or even classic, based on the place where the lamps should be stored.

Let’s leave the design that we have done well dry. Precisely for this reason, it would be preferable to paint the lamps in an environment that is well ventilated, so that everything can dry out in a short time. Immediately after drying, we will have to do is pass a coat of transparent acrylic paint, which will give us a real help, to make the ceramic lamps, much more shiny and shiny. With the varnish or transparent acrylic enamel, we can also better fix the design, so that it does not go away, with washes or with the passage of time.

We leave to dry for at least 24 hours and here is our ceramic lamp, ready to be stored, where we want or even best gifts to our friends and relatives who will appreciate and greatly appreciate our work entirely DIY! In a short time and with simple elements to find, we will have made our old ceramic lamps, not only as new, but also very original!