DIY is a fashion that never goes away, people like to apply their tastes in places where they spend most days; own home. 
In these times the plaster is cast , objects and furnishings in plaster support the wallet and encourage creativity as many choose to give us inside painting on it. It is very important to follow detailed rules for adhering the paintwork to plaster objects as they are porous (absorb a lot) and difficult to color uniformly. 
In this guide we will see how to paint the lamps made of plaster.


  • Tempera colors
  • Oil colors
  • Acrylic paints

It is up to us the right choice for the painting technique to make it last over time and make a nice effect; however the tempera can give a bright color despite the plaster is opaque, so it is the most recommended. The oil colors are less effective, but this does not exclude their use. They are colors that adhere less but it is not a big problem, with the addition of an insulator made from vinyl glue and water, you can easily paint on the new surface created without the problem of pores. We avoid and discard regardless of watercolors that instead tend to be absorbed as much diluted with water. 
Gypsum is an absorbent material and therefore not very suitable for contact with liquids.

The choice of decoration is subjective but also to be applied to furniture. Variations from the interior, in an environment that serves as a living room would be nice to apply a soft light effect with the choice of warm colors. The first step must be carried out with a large brush, in such a way as to spread the color more evenly over large areas. 
The smaller brushes will then be used for small details (optional but very pleasant to look at and achieve above all, with a lot of patience and creativity).

Once the color has been applied, it is better to let it dry for a long period (obviously it varies, indicatively we talk about a couple of days) in order to avoid touching it and ruining the painting and above all to avoid dirtying the interiors and walls of your home. So we will have lamps decorated, pleasant to the touch and to the eye and modern, but above all long lasting. This is because gypsum is an excellent breathable and fireproof material, so it is very difficult to get damaged over time (except if they are subjected to strong shocks of course).