The architectural structures, from the point of view of real estate, have many fundamental components, basic assumptions so that the structure can support the weight of further elements and future homes. To these first and main elements must be added ancillary components but not for this secondary, just because they provide essential services that can never be lacking, such as light, water and gas. Each resource is organized by the appropriate network and flows into generally supply systems such as faucets, stoves and lamps. Among the most customizable components, the lamps are the favorite, because they take on a double function both essential and esthetic, this has allowed a lot of expansion also of special specialized sectors just in the workings of the fixtures for chandeliers. On this occasion we will see how to customize their lamps without resorting to third party agents or specialized professionals , trying to carry out an exemplary but at the same time economic work. Specifically we will see how to paint brass lamps . Enjoy the reading!

First of all it is necessary to have all the useful tools for painting the chandelier on a worktop. Recall that we are not talking about plastic or glass, we will treat a brass chandelier a particular metal that requires special attention to avoid seeing after a few months its work nullified by weathering. It will therefore be necessary to have the sizes and dimensions of the chandelier to be subjected to painting, this will allow us to understand the exact quantity of acrylic paint for metals (brass) and the second type of transparent protective paint for metals. It will also be essential to have paint brushes, preferably in a set of various sizes so as to choose the right one according to the area that will be treated from time to time.

Before changing the paint on the brass, we will clean our brass chandelier with a cloth and a polishing spray for metal surfaces. Once cleaned and dried we can begin to pass the first coat of varnish, the acrylic paint for metals, taking care to avoid excesses or to leave small spaces especially in the most difficult joints to reach, make sure to take advantage of the whole brush set and be patient. Once the first coat of paint has dried, it will be the turn of the second coat, this time it is necessary to use the transparent paint for metals. This paint will protect your lamp from bad weather and weather, especially if it is, as often, an outdoor lamp. Also this time let everything dry.

Very important both before and during the painting is the adoption of appropriate safety tools for their personal health, in this sense will be essential work gloves and a protective mask for both the eyes and the mouth, we do not forget that the paint may inadvertently splash on the face or give off toxic fumes, also for this reason it is always recommended to work in a fairly ventilated place such as the garden, if you do not own it will also fit a room in the house, but sufficiently ventilated (with many windows or with a good ventilation and air exchange system). Good job!