Recycling is one of the most recurring themes in recent times: both for the economic crisis that forces families to make sacrifices, and for the ethics of reuse, many people decide to try their hand at do-it-yourself and DIY . In these cases there are many ideas to give a new life to objects otherwise destined for landfill, but with excellent results. In fact, it is possible to furnish the house with recycled materials assembled together in an excellent way to obtain design elements. If you have a large amount of cork stoppers available , you can decide to make some lamps: continue reading the next steps to find out how you can make them lamps with corks .


  • Old lamp
  • Corks
  • Needle and nylon thread
  • Hot glue gun

After having found all the material you need, cover the surface of your table with cellophane or sheets of old newspapers: you will avoid scratching it or damaging it with the tools you will use. Place the table close to an electrical outlet, so you can use the hot glue gun, alternatively get an extension cord.

To make a lamp with cork stoppers, it will be better to use the base of an old lamp that is still working: if you do not have any, you can get all the necessary equipment in a DIY store to make one. To make the lamp shade using cork stoppers, carefully observe the shape of your lamp. Try to sketch a possible new shape on a sheet starting from the shape of the lampshade support. In principle you can make a cylindrical lampshade with four rows of corks. First, pierce each cap lengthwise using a large needle. This operation will be long and tiring, so arm yourself with patience.

When you have punctured all the caps, put the nylon thread inside them. Make a knot at one end of the thread and thread four caps before making another knot. Cut the thread and continue like this until you get many groups of four caps necessary to complete the lampshade circumference. Referring to the shade holder, place the caps in a circle, gluing a column of plugs to adjacent ones using hot glue. Continue until the lampshade has become a single piece that you can mount directly on the support. Fit it to the hooks or fix it with hot glue.